Understanding what right for you.

Understanding what right for you is important for everyone not just one person to know it is up to us as to make  sure that our physical and mental health is good that we are not stress or depressed all the time. We all have are days where we just make mistakes which is good because we learn from are mistakes but we also have to realize that we are own person we are the only ones who can decide on what we want to do in are life as to who we like to date, what career choice of dreams we like to achieve only we can decide on who and what we want to be. No one can tell any of us what to do were all adults in different ages and different times most days we like to be a kid like watch Disney films and that which is fine nothing shameful that what keeps us young and that what reminds us of the good old days. We all shouldn’t be afraid of being who we are we shouldn’t hide the fact that we are different in all sorts of ways by having a disability, being different then others in all sorts of ways having different type of skin and body  because at the end of day we are human we are the same but different and unique we all should accept the facts of life and if you got a problem well that you and your problem.

“If I could give you one thing in life I would give you the ability to see yourself in my eyes then would you realize

how  special you are”

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