The Understanding about people with ASD AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER

Everyone around the world has different sorts of disabilities some they see, some they don’t most people understand and accept people with these  disabilities and some others don’t either because they never heard of it or never get a chance to get to know what it means. Today i’m finally going to discuses to you the views to help understand and why it is important for you to stop and read this post so that you are able to be part of something greater.  The first topic of people with a disability is Autism  spectrum disorder ( ASD) as it says in about me on this website I am one of the ASD people who have Autism and to admit I felt a shamed of having it when I was a kid because I never really understood it until now because I have people who love and care for me who had went out of their every day life to understand and help me understand what Is Autism.  So I have decided to now help you who don’t understand to understand what Autism Spectrum Disorder is and at the end of the day it will make you feel great.

Autism is NOT an illness or a disease its lifelong developmental disability  that is always with you from the day you been diagnosed till the day you leave this world, sometimes it affect on our social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication, as well as by unique strengths and differences. There is not one but many types of Autism some people with ASD may progress differently to others who have  ASD that is why its important to understand and accept the way the world gives. With Autism some of us may take a while in understanding a task that we are given in school, college, work and home, sometimes we will pick thing up quicker then others we all different in are own way. Most of us might not communicate well with people most will, others might be able to do both it all depends on how we learn and how we progress into understanding that why there autism groups to help us understand and develop are social skills as to learn  from right to wrong what to do if you have a problem and how to communicate with people. That is how I learn to communicate with people. Before I would never speak what is on my mind to people I had no confident in my self but luckily for me I have a loving family and friends to be their and help me and that what I want for others as well. I want people to express who they are and to be happy.

At the end of the day

we are not

Wierd or a  Freak

instead we are

Special and Unique

we are

Human and Proud