The Truth that has to be told!

The truth that has to be told is something that we all have been keeping quite or is afraid to talk about the hard situations that every person is or may be going through in life, but today is time we tell the truth about life as we all know we do have are good days are bad days are hardest days and not so hardest days but when there is something more that is going on in our life then that when we must speak up that when we have to tell. There are  people out in this entire world that is fighting through mental health, depression, difficulties, loss or is just struggling in general and we try to seek for help but that still not good enough because not everyone understands and that makes it more harder or worse in the situation but when someone dose understand it makes us feel a lot better and not just in are self but in everything in our life  its like one door opens another closes. I was once told by someone special that everything that happens to us is for a reason  bad or good there is something always at the end of the rainbow its just up to us to deal with the situations to make it better.


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