Passion for life

What is passion and why is important?

This is a questions that I have recently asked myself and some other of you might have as well today I have found my answer to why passion is important in everybody, having passion helps us find are true self as to what makes us special we show passion through are work and the things we enjoy doing such as painting/ drawing, writing, cooking, taking photographs of things and it goes on. Without passion its like knit without  strings connected to it. When your not passionate about something your showing others your not interested in the work that you are doing. we don’t have to tell someone if we are or not enjoying something were showing it by are body language, tone of voice and doing the work, sometimes we have a decent job good pay role but it’s not always enough because you might not be passionate about it maybe their something else you like to do but your not to sure.

When you find something that you are passionate about and you love doing take that as a sign to go and do something great you might make a decent profit and gaining your life goal which is more important then doing something and making you feel low and unhappy always pick the right choice and that is doing something you love doing and are passionate about it doesn’t matter if it sounds weird just go ahead and do it because trying is better than not trying.


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