No Need for Quick Decision

When we were young we all got asked the same question “where do you want to be in twenty years time”? we all might answer that question as I want to be a prince, princess, fairy etc as kid would. Now that we are getting older we been asked that question again and again. So the question I have to ask you all is do you think it matter to what you want to be?  because I don’t and the reason why is because young or old it doesn’t matter, life is for making a mistake and figuring out new things. Most people want to do two, three or more things as a career and that fine. If I been asked that question again I would answer ” I don’t know there so many things I want to do in my life, so many things I want to make happen” and whatever I or you choose it’s your decision the main thing is that we try are best and succeed in life by living every day and moment. Most people think that working has to be a go out  job but it isn’t it. Half the people don’t go out and work because there working at home caring for their family I have to say that is the most successful thing in life having amazing family that love and care for you every step of the day. So your task that i’m going to give you all is to always remember that your the one you makes your life choices not matter what or how crazy it is, you might make the world more better.


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