Be Brave, Be Safe

Be brave be safe is a good thing to know and remember because when you are in the most dangerous and vulnerable position you would never know what could happen to you. Today I want to talk about this so everyone in the world can remember to not let your guard down ,when out clubbing with or without your friends, talking to someone who you don’t know or you barely know even if someone offers you something you got to learn to stop and think about the consequences that may or could happen  to you the last thing on earth is for you to hurt you and your love ones that care so deeply for you. I know life is cruel and hurtful sometimes you feel so low you might think to your self ” what is my purpose?”, “why am I here? or no one will care and miss me, but your wrong people always care for you and your here because you special in every way we all are and that what make’s us great in life, that when we achieve the  unachievable that why we all must realize to never ever let anyone break us down into giving up but make sure you find a way of making things better for you. Don’t let yourself get stress or dressed anymore go out and find what make you happy and what makes you feel so proud to be here to stay alive and show your greatest skills of knowledge. the only thing you need is to believe in yourself that…

“I am strong”

“I am confident”

“I am proud”

“And I’ll say it loud”

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