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Don’t let anyone make you powerless


Everyone has gone through some type of abuse whether it’s physically or mentally. I wanted to talk about this topic because it is something I know people have or are going through. I want to share my experience with you all to help everyone to understand what this does to a person and what to do in order to get yourself better.
I’d like to explain what these words mean, physically abuse is someone hurting you and leaving you scars and bruises on your body. Sometimes it can be a serious case where people would have to get medical attention. Mental abuse is when someone uses words that will emotionally hurt you and make you feel very low in yourself. In my opinion mental abuse is way worse than physical abuse because at least some scars will heal where as words never do.

In my past I was both physically and mentally abused by my ex partner and his parents, the worst part for me is that I never knew I was being abused until I explained my day to my parents as if it was a normal conversation, only for them to say that I am in a toxic relationship with abusive people. These types of things are hard for anyone especially at a young age, it is more hard for anyone to try to get out of that situation and then trying to heal once you finally found the courage to do so.

When I finally left it was the most amazing and bravest thing I have done and sadly took me months to admit it to myself, thankfully I had amazing support from those that love me and got myself into proper support with a counselor and I have made excellent progress over the last two years which made me happy and though there are hard days I still manage to be happy and positive and promised myself to never be in that situation again.

I had gone to an event which I found both fun and joyful at the beginning until sadly something happened. A person I know had said hurtful things to me. So hurtful that I felt I was shrinking smaller and smaller and the room was closing in. Saying things that made me think were so true and I had believed them and truthfully I had never thought this person would make me feel like nothing and this broke my heart.

I am currently not on speaking terms with this person because I have to focus on myself first as I am the priority. I am going to be very truthful to you all as you may have thought the same when in these situations, blaming yourself, believing what that person said is true maybe even thinking you deserve this abuse. But truthfully, you don’t!

No one ever deserves any type of abuse, no one deserves to be powerless and be turned into nothing as if you don’t matter. Well, you do matter. We all matter and the reason why I am hurting so much is not fully because of the words this person has said to me but me allowing this person to hurt me and believing what they had said to me was true. That is what I am most angry and sad about.

I had promised to never let anyone make me powerless and then I did. I hope that one day I, and everyone, will find the courage to stand up to people who make us feel low in ourselves and remember that when these situations happen try to get support from a professional or family member. Even writing how you feel down because when I write about how I felt about what happened on that day I can feel the weight slowly lifting off my shoulders but these things take time to heal.

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Love Yourself

L.O.V.E the four letter word that people either love to hear or don’t love to hear. I think that four letter word is important to use, if it is to a family member, friend a partner or more importantly yourself. I think if we don’t use this four then we feel down. If any of you heard of “Hallie Stenfield love yourself” or “The Script if you don’t love yourself” you will understand the powerful message they’re trying to say, and that is always love yourself the way you are and that will show a positive and bright side of yourself that others will love, but if you don’t love yourself then how do you expect others to love you. So lets all be positive and like are true selves as there nothing wrong with being unique.

“To fall in love with yourself
is the first secrete to happiness.”
Robert Morley

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Follow Your Instinct

“Always trust your first gut instinct if you genuinely feel in your
heart and soul that something is wrong or right it usually is”

We all have an instinct, a way that tells us something is wrong or something is right. As humans we all have doubts about things and that is part of life. Everyone has those moments were we go to our family and friends for advice on what to do and there is nothing wrong with that. However, sometimes we should try to follow and trust our instinct more as it can help us make quick decisions. It may also help us to improve our confidence. Now, as I said before there is nothing wrong with feeling and being independent either, but it is important to reach both sides in the middle instead of separate ways. For example, asking a friend or family member for advice about something and then yourself make the ultimate choice by following your instinct either by your gut, heart or brain.

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No Need for Quick Decision

When we were young we all got asked the same question “where do you want to be in twenty years time”? we all might answer that question as I want to be a prince, princess, fairy etc as kid would. Now that we are getting older we been asked that question again and again. So the question I have to ask you all is do you think it matter to what you want to be?  because I don’t and the reason why is because young or old it doesn’t matter, life is for making a mistake and figuring out new things. Most people want to do two, three or more things as a career and that fine. If I been asked that question again I would answer ” I don’t know there so many things I want to do in my life, so many things I want to make happen” and whatever I or you choose it’s your decision the main thing is that we try are best and succeed in life by living every day and moment. Most people think that working has to be a go out  job but it isn’t it. Half the people don’t go out and work because there working at home caring for their family I have to say that is the most successful thing in life having amazing family that love and care for you every step of the day. So your task that i’m going to give you all is to always remember that your the one you makes your life choices not matter what or how crazy it is, you might make the world more better.


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Passion for life

What is passion and why is important?

This is a questions that I have recently asked myself and some other of you might have as well today I have found my answer to why passion is important in everybody, having passion helps us find are true self as to what makes us special we show passion through are work and the things we enjoy doing such as painting/ drawing, writing, cooking, taking photographs of things and it goes on. Without passion its like knit without  strings connected to it. When your not passionate about something your showing others your not interested in the work that you are doing. we don’t have to tell someone if we are or not enjoying something were showing it by are body language, tone of voice and doing the work, sometimes we have a decent job good pay role but it’s not always enough because you might not be passionate about it maybe their something else you like to do but your not to sure.

When you find something that you are passionate about and you love doing take that as a sign to go and do something great you might make a decent profit and gaining your life goal which is more important then doing something and making you feel low and unhappy always pick the right choice and that is doing something you love doing and are passionate about it doesn’t matter if it sounds weird just go ahead and do it because trying is better than not trying.


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Just letting you know

Hello everyone my name is Rose I just want to let all you readers know that am so grateful and thrilled that you take a chance to read about the things I have written to you all, hoping that it will make you feel more better in yourself knowing that you are never alone and that someone is always their  for you. I also want to take the time to say i’m sorry I haven’t been writing a lot lately since I have been busy but I will try my hardest to keep writing more often, also if you have any comment’s or questions you like to ask me please don’t hesitate but please no hateful comments either.

you can comment and ask me questions in the “about me” section of the website.

Thank you all again have a good day/night.

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Be Brave, Be Safe

Be brave be safe is a good thing to know and remember because when you are in the most dangerous and vulnerable position you would never know what could happen to you. Today I want to talk about this so everyone in the world can remember to not let your guard down ,when out clubbing with or without your friends, talking to someone who you don’t know or you barely know even if someone offers you something you got to learn to stop and think about the consequences that may or could happen  to you the last thing on earth is for you to hurt you and your love ones that care so deeply for you. I know life is cruel and hurtful sometimes you feel so low you might think to your self ” what is my purpose?”, “why am I here? or no one will care and miss me, but your wrong people always care for you and your here because you special in every way we all are and that what make’s us great in life, that when we achieve the  unachievable that why we all must realize to never ever let anyone break us down into giving up but make sure you find a way of making things better for you. Don’t let yourself get stress or dressed anymore go out and find what make you happy and what makes you feel so proud to be here to stay alive and show your greatest skills of knowledge. the only thing you need is to believe in yourself that…

“I am strong”

“I am confident”

“I am proud”

“And I’ll say it loud”

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The Truth that has to be told!

The truth that has to be told is something that we all have been keeping quite or is afraid to talk about the hard situations that every person is or may be going through in life, but today is time we tell the truth about life as we all know we do have are good days are bad days are hardest days and not so hardest days but when there is something more that is going on in our life then that when we must speak up that when we have to tell. There are  people out in this entire world that is fighting through mental health, depression, difficulties, loss or is just struggling in general and we try to seek for help but that still not good enough because not everyone understands and that makes it more harder or worse in the situation but when someone dose understand it makes us feel a lot better and not just in are self but in everything in our life  its like one door opens another closes. I was once told by someone special that everything that happens to us is for a reason  bad or good there is something always at the end of the rainbow its just up to us to deal with the situations to make it better.


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Understanding what right for you.

Understanding what right for you is important for everyone not just one person to know it is up to us as to make  sure that our physical and mental health is good that we are not stress or depressed all the time. We all have are days where we just make mistakes which is good because we learn from are mistakes but we also have to realize that we are own person we are the only ones who can decide on what we want to do in are life as to who we like to date, what career choice of dreams we like to achieve only we can decide on who and what we want to be. No one can tell any of us what to do were all adults in different ages and different times most days we like to be a kid like watch Disney films and that which is fine nothing shameful that what keeps us young and that what reminds us of the good old days. We all shouldn’t be afraid of being who we are we shouldn’t hide the fact that we are different in all sorts of ways by having a disability, being different then others in all sorts of ways having different type of skin and body  because at the end of day we are human we are the same but different and unique we all should accept the facts of life and if you got a problem well that you and your problem.

“If I could give you one thing in life I would give you the ability to see yourself in my eyes then would you realize

how  special you are”

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The Inspirational Truth About Everyone in Life

Today I have been inspired by those that are closes to me such as my friend and family as it’s mentioned on the website I am an Autistic person that struggles in communication and interacting with others which makes me feel low at times struggling with these difficulties. However i never let that stop me even though its hard for me and you the people you should never let that stop you from trying to make things better as I have been told by those who love me and those who love you we must all remember that we are not alone in this every one has problem and difficulties and its okay to let out a few tears but that what the beauty is the weaker you may feel the stronger you get every single day so we have to remember that we are all the same we are all EQUAL. there is no right to judge one another for the way we are together we are ONE.

“whatever doesn’t kill ya makes you stronger”